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Lean Training and Coaching

Specialist Lean training requires a different approach to Lean Six Sigma because cultural and behavioural aspects are much more important to the long-term success of the program.  This means that hands-on application is key, as Lean Transformation can only be achieved through people – something that no amount of theory can fully prepare you for. All of our training programs therefore ensure that participants apply what they have learned as soon as possible – through exercises, simulations and, where possible, in the workplace itself.

Lean Accelerator

The first step in Lean is learning how to see waste – which is a skill that cannot be learned in the classroom alone, it needs to be practices.  So in our Lean Accelerator program we engage participants – whether at a manufacturing site or in an administrative function – in a combination of training and practical application, working with teams to deliver immediate results in a demonstration area.

The program includes:

  • Management Workshop
  • Awareness briefing for site personnel
  • A structured daily program in which we teach the key principles of a Lean workplace and you then implement these in the chosen application area, with an emphasis on establishing a safe, stable, ordered, visual, efficient and effective workplace

The total program duration is typically 8-10 consulting days spread over a period of approximately two months, allowing time for plans developed during our sessions to be fully implemented and then evaluated in the next  working session.

Lean Master

This program helps those who already have a thorough grasp of the fundamentals of Lean to develop into leaders in the workplace – able to encourage and motivate others to use Lean principles to continuously seek out and remove waste.

The training element is typically only one week (though this depends on the starting-point of the participants) but we combine it with coaching and mentoring that gives participants the opportunity to develop and demonstrate their skills through guided practical application.  We provide regular on-site visits to monitor progress and stimulate thinking about what has been achieved and what skills need further polishing.