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Kaizen Events (Lean)

Kaizen is a Japanese word meaning incremental continuous improvement which involves cross-functional teams working together.

The key principles of Kaizen are making things happen, starting now (for perfection is not the goal), creativity before capital (think low to no cost), using the wisdom of 10 (rather than the expertise of 1).

True Kaizen takes many forms, it doesn’t require an event even though the “event” format is the most popular form in the West.

We often have clients asking us for support, usually after launching an unsuccessful event or series of events.

We follow a structured 4 step approach which delivers certainty of outcome, at pace, and with the engagement of the team at the workplace we can support your activity from corporate scale planning and roll out to supply of a single, highly skilled and experienced, event leader.    We’ll even train you and your teams to deliver Kaizen events successfully so you can become self-sufficient.