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Manufacturing Site Assessments, Site Baselining and Benchmarking

Our team has conducted many site assessments around the world to identify improvement projects, find cost reductions, as part of due diligence activity or for corporate restructuring needs.

Our consultants approach site assessments with educated eyes, discerning strength and weaknesses accurately – after even short assessments opportunities worth millions can be identified from materials handling, operations bottlenecks, inventory and labour effectiveness.

Activity based analysis and assessments can be deployed to address specific issues where required.

At the heart of our site assessments, baselining and benchmarking are a selected series of maturity evaluation instruments covering areas such as customer satisfaction, SHEQ, visual management, scheduling, use of space, material movement and flow, inventory volumes, teamwork, maintenance and quality.    We can compare results against your own facilities, against best-in-class or against peer group comparators (where available).

Skills transfer and training can be delivered to client teams as part of a formal training programme or in conjunction with a corporate deployment.

Simple activity, led by experts, with huge potential benefits.