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End Point Assessments

We are registered with ESFA as End Point Assessors to assess at each of the following standards:

  • Level 3 (ST0070) Business Administrator
  • Level 3 (ST0193) Improvement Technician – broadly equivalent to Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt
  • Level 4 (ST0192) Improvement Practitioner – broadly equivalent to Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
  • Level 5 (ST0555) Improvement Specialist – broadly equivalent to Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
  • Level 6 (ST0556) Improvement Leader – broadly equivalent to Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt

Please note that Advanced Analytics Solutions is the trading name of MDA Consulting and you will find us listed in the Register of End-Point Assessment Organisations under that name.

What to expect from us

The EPA / Training Provider link is crucial to success for the learning outcomes for the apprentices, for the employers and for the Training Provider.

We will partner with you for the journey, supplying all the materials your apprentices will need for success at the end point assessment. We will support you for mini tests to use throughout your training, mock exams as your apprentices get close to their End Point Assessment and guidance on preparing for the presentation and questioning elements of the assessment (all materials appropriate to the assessment level) to include typical questions for project reviews.

To support training providers we provide our unique Data Analysis Toolkit (and forthcoming Lean Analysis toolkit) which removes the need for specialist software – useful for employers who may not want to spend the Minitab license fee.  You can read more about the Toolkit and download a trial copy here.

Where training providers use Minitab we offer, as part of our package, a bespoke version of the leading text book (written by one of our Partners) “Exploring, Analysing and Interpreting Data with Minitab 18” which has click by click instructions for all the tools up to Level 5 (Black Belt) level.   More information can be found here.

For End Point Assessment we provide you with our assessment handbook that explains in detail how each element of the apprentice’s work is assessed and what we are looking for. You also receive a set of practice questions that are similar in style and difficulty to the actual EPA examinations. We help you to structure your DMAIC gateway reviews so that your apprentices are properly prepared for the professional discussion.

Our objective here is that you do not put forward an apprentice for end point assessment until we are jointly sure that they will complete successfully – this makes the process smooth and effective for all parties.

As an additional service to Training Providers, we will review your training materials and point out where specific focus should be made if required – the support that a Senior Master Black Belt can give here is invaluable.

When your apprentices are ready for their end point assessment, we will manage the process professionally and provide feedback both to the apprentice and the trainers, our aim is to have a final grade decision within 48 hours of the assessment.    All assessments will be carried out by a certified Master Black Belt; for Level 5 and 6 these will be Partner level.

Financial arrangements

We offer competitive rates for all four Standards and would be pleased to discuss your requirements and our offer. To find out more about our approach to End Point Assessments or to discuss your needs, please contact us.

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