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WorkOut (Six Sigma)

Originally designed during the Jack Welch era at General Electric, the stated aims of the GE WorkOut activity were to break out of bureaucracy and empower employees to fix the issues that impacted their ability to serve customers or create value.

A WorkOut event is a short, strongly facilitated, meeting of a group of people who work in different functions across a defined process area, and who share a common problem which is described in a written challenge from an appropriate area leader.

This challenge should be something that is important to the organisation but should also be close to the hearts of the participants, who should be people who work every day in the process area and who feel the pain of inefficiency.

During a WorkOut event, typically 3 days in duration, the participants address the challenge by writing problem statements which describe what is stopping the desired performance, creating solution statements which will address the problem, quantifying the costs, benefits and risks of each solution and then proposing an action plan by which the solution will be implemented.

Some organisations have realised that full-on Lean Six Sigma programmes take time, so they are using WorkOut as an introductory approach to continuous improvement, enabling more people to start improving processes and engaging more people in each event than a single Green or Black Belt project can.

We offer WorkOut facilitation, coaching, scoping and delivery support including certified Train-the-Facilitator programmes which deliver by using clients’ own teams as value multipliers.