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Measurement Systems Analysis Expert

Measurement Systems Analysis Expert training

Automotive companies and manufacturers of complex machines generally expert their suppliers to continuously improve their part quality. A key part of that is their ability to measure parts reliably, so suppliers are required to prove that their measurement systems are up to the job.

The trouble is that most Tier 1 suppliers lack the skills to do this. They don’t have people with the required expertise, they are using inaccurate analysis tools and they don’t know how to select parts properly. They DO, however, know a thing or two about “what it takes to get Supplier Quality Assurance off our backs”.

And with Supplier Quality Assurance engineers who are busy and have barely any Measurement Systems Analysis training themselves, they get away with it.

We’ve seen these problems first-hand. We have audited dozens of supplier Gauge R&R submissions and found that 85% of them were inaccurate – and some were downright fraudulent.

This course is designed for OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers alike. We’ll show you all the mistakes and tricks from our own research, and how to find and correct them. We’ll show you how to explain this to your suppliers and how to help them to improve.

The course fee includes a copy of the Advanced Analytics Solutions Data Analysis Toolkit, which enables you to perform Gauge R&R and Attribute Agreement Analysis studies accurately and contains unique algorithms that detect and highlight suspicious data.

After this course, you’ll be able to work with your suppliers to make genuine quality improvements rather than just completing ‘tick the box’ exercises.

This 3-day course is run as a public event, with the next delivery starting on November 9. Tickets are available here: