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Data Analysis Toolkit

Graphical and Statistical Analysis – Quick and Easy

The Advanced Analytics Solutions Data Analysis Toolkit puts all the key graphical and statistical analysis tools at your fingertips – you spend your time delivering results, not learning software. There are no menus to follow – just select the data you wish to analyse and the results appear immediately. Most people become comfortable using it within 15 minutes, and find it significantly faster to use than more expensive software such as Minitab, JMP or Sigma XL.

Despite its user-friendliness, the Toolkit offers a wide range of functionality, with all the graphical and statistical tools needed for the most technical Green Belt training courses.

Data Analysis Toolkit

Start your 1-month free trial and find out how quick and easy it is to learn and use the Data Analysis Toolkit

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Quick and Easy to Use

The Data Analysis Toolkit presents a completely intuitive interface. Just select the data and the graphs and statistical analyses you want – a step change in your productivity.

No menus. Only the options you need. The easiest possible interface for learners and experts alike.

Enter all your data in one go, then select which variable to plot and the graphs update automatically. Use hyperlinks to jump to the graph you want.

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With its comprehensive range of graphical and statistical analysis and simple interface, the Data Analysis Toolkit is both powerful and easy to use. Purchase a licensed copy now for just £180.

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All the Analysis You Need

  • Time Series plot
  • Individual and Moving Range (I-MR) Control Charts
  • X Bar – R Control Charts
  • Histogram with Normality Test and Normal Probability Plot
  • Process Capability analysis
  • Stratified Time Series plots and Box Plots
  • Multiple Time Series Plots and Box Plots
  • 2-sample t and paired t tests
  • Test for Equal Variance and ANOVA
  • Main Effects Plots and Multi Vari Chart
  • Fitted Line Plot and Regression with Residuals Analysis
  • Pareto Chart with additional analysis of the main category
  • 2-proportions test
  • Chi-Squared test
  • Gauge R&R including Gauge Run Chart
  • Attribute Agreement Analysis
  • Design of Experiments with 2, 3 or 4 factors
  • Data stacking and unstacking utility

Data Analysis Toolkit

Start your 1 month free trial. There’s nothing to install – the Data Analysis Toolkit is a familiar Excel spreadsheet, with no macros.

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Introductory Videos

Please take a look at these short (around 3 minutes) videos which give you an introduction to the Data Analysis Toolkit and some of its main capabilities.

Control Charts
Histograms and Process Capability
Stratifying Data
Stacking and Unstacking Data
Main Effects and Multi-Vari Charts
Fitted Line Plots and Regression
Pareto Charts
2-proportions and Chi-Squared tests
Gauge R&R
Attribute Agreement Analysis
Design of Experiments
Tips and Wrinkles

Frequently Asked Questions

What additional language capabilities does the Toolkit have?

The toolkit is currently available in Bulgarian, French, German, Italian, Malay, Romanian and Russian.  We plan to add several more languages in the future – contact us if you have a request!

Can you add any further languages?

Please contact us and we will make arrangements for this. We use machine translation as a starting-point so we can respond quickly.  And if you fancy checking the translation for us, your copy of the toolkit will be free!

Is the Data Analysis Toolkit better than Minitab or JMP?

It’s much quicker to learn and use, but does not have the full range of statistical analysis offered by these programs. However, for 95% of applications (including LSS Green Belts), the toolkit gives people everything they need.

Try the toolkit for yourself

Download our free 30-day trial

We offer a free 30-day trial of the Data Analysis Toolkit so that you have plenty of time to benefit from its simple, clear and accurate analysis.


The trial version is shareable

We encourage you to share this trial version, so it has no restrictions on the number of copies you can make for your friends and colleagues.

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Purchase a Licensed Copy


It’s quick and easy to purchase the Data Analysis Toolkit. The cost is just £180, paid through Paypal or Stripe or a voucher purchased from a reseller. This enables you to make the transaction securely and in your local currency. Please contact us for other payment options.

When you complete and submit the registration template, you will receive a small .xlsx file which generates a User Code that is unique to you. Open the file and enter the code into the payment screen to complete the transaction. The toolkit will be emailed to you within 24 hours and you can start using it right away.

Purchase a Licensed Copy

Redeem a Voucher

If you have purchased a voucher from one of our licensed resellers, you can redeem it during checkout.

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Purchase a Corporate License

We are pleased to offer volume discounts for corporate clients, please contact us to discuss your requirements

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