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Diagnostics, Project Selection and Change Management

Not sure where to start on your improvement journey?

Our operations and change diagnostics will revolutionise the way you plan and deliver improvement programs.   A heightened focus on Analytics will drive more consistent results and a tighter link to value.

Our Vision is that all projects use a comprehensive, data-driven approach to guide decisions, that diagnostics drive the day-to-day work of the project team, that the outputs are easy to read and create a compelling story for our clients and lead to predictive insights and clear actions on a project.

Based on our deep improvement and change management experience, we know what drives project success

  • Experience of the project team
  • Sponsorship engagement at the early stages and throughput the project
  • Journey Mapping
  • Leadership activities
  • Resource Balancing

We also know that the following tends to be true

  • A handful of critical behaviours drive the benefits
  • Communication decreases resistance
  • People tend to predict that change is worse than it is when asked in advance

Our operations and change diagnostics methods are deployed in structured methods to highlight areas where benefit can be delivered, to prioritise the returns to your business and to ensure maximum buy in of your people.