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What additional language capabilities does the Toolkit have?

The toolkit is currently available in Bulgarian, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Malay, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian and Spanish.  We plan to add several more languages in the future – contact us if you have a request!

Where are the instructions for using the toolkit?

The toolkit is very intuitive to use.  As well as the videos above, there are general instructions in the “Instructions and License” sheet.  If you need help with the underlying theory, please contact us to discuss training courses.

Is the Data Analysis Toolkit better than Minitab or JMP?

It’s much quicker to learn and use, but does not have the full range of statistical analysis offered by these programs. However, for 95% of applications (including Lean Six Sigma Green Belts and Black Belts), the toolkit gives people everything they need.

How much data can the toolkit handle?

Up to 1000 rows.  We set this limit in order to optimise the speed of calculations, as in our experience it is very unusual for Green Belts and Black Belts to need larger datasets.  If you do, however, have a larger dataset, our Data Sampling toolkit enables you to systematically sample from up to 50,000 rows and it’s completely free!  Head to the Toolkit page for more information.

Can I get the toolkit in another language?

Please contact us and we will make arrangements for this.  We use machine translation as a starting-point and then native language speakers to make final corrections – if you speak a language that we do not already offer, we will provide you with a free copy in return for accurately correcting the translation.

Are the calculations accurate?

We have benchmarked all our calculations against Minitab and (apart from rounding) it gives the same answers

How long does the license last for?

The paid-for version lasts for five years.  If you change your laptop during that time, you will need a new copy, and we will provide the update free of charge.

Can I use the toolkit on a Mac?

Yes, providing you have a windows emulator and are running Excel (2013 or later)

Can I use the toolkit on a tablet?

No, the toolkit works on PCs only

What’s to stop me from sharing the toolkit with other people?

We offer a free 30-day trial copy, which you can share with anyone.  The paid version can only be used on the laptop for which it was purchased. We create a code number that is unique to you as part of the purchase process.