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Data Science Consulting

We offer expert help in getting your Data Science initiative off the ground.

Most companies have a team of Data Scientists – but not enough – so opportunities are being delayed or missed altogether. We can help solve this problem by helping you to see the potential for Advanced Analytics in your business and scaling up your resources through training and coaching. We help companies from the first demonstration projects through to implementation and developing a sustainable internal capability.

Opportunity Identification Workshops

We can help you to find innovative applications for Data Science in your business, through structured workshops that take your strategic priorities as a starting-point and combine your knowledge of the business with our expertise in Advanced Analytics to develop and flesh out ideas for pilot projects. By starting in this way, you will avoid the common mistake of designing infrastructure first and only then deciding what you are going to do with it – as this often leads to the discovery that you have designed your architecture around the wrong data.

Advanced Visualisations

  • We can help you to build interactive tools that do more than just display data in a graphically appealing way – they guide you to the areas where attention is needed, allowing you to explore intuitively and find new insights.
  • This is a popular place to start in developing advanced capabilities with data – presenting analysis in a clear and logical way is a key step towards faster, better decision-making.
  • As always, we leave you in charge of the visualisation once it has been completed. We do not want you to feel ‘locked-in’.
  • And of course – we are happy to teach these skills as well, using the leading software packages Tableau and Microsoft Power BI, with training courses that start from just two days

Robotic Process Automation

  • Another popular place to start is to automate tasks that have previously been done manually – and unreliably – with Excel.  Pivot tables, filters, merges, formulae and macros are meat and drink for many companies, but gradually the complexity of the task becomes overwhelming.  And heaven forbid that the analyst who created your tool should ever leave the company…
  • We use RapidMiner to automate these sorts of tasks so that they can be done entirely repeatably – eliminating all the time taken and inevitable errors.
  • Because RapidMiner is code-free and easy to annotate, the resulting automation is easy to understand and pass on to colleagues; what’s more it can be made robust to additional categories or columns in a way that Excel macros cannot.
  • We teach these skills too – delivering the 4-day RapidMiner and Data Science program for your company or, twice a year, as open enrolment events priced on a per-seat basis

Machine Learning

The most powerful ideas are those that use knowledge that can be created from your data using machine learning techniques such as:

  • Automated clustering enables you to spot similarities in your customers to increase the power of your marketing or customer service
  • Predictive maintenance uses sensor data from your facility to identify anomalies or combinations of factors that warn you of impending problems
  • Text analysis allows you to gain new insights or complement your existing data to achieve a more detailed understanding of your business or your customers.

Machine Learning is no longer a niche area – it has demonstrated value in all industries and countries.  We can help you to use the technology to unlock new sources of value in your business – both through direct consulting interventions and by training your employees in courses ranging from 2 days to 3 weeks.