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Lean Transformation

Lean Transformation catalyses the transformation of a unit or process area in a Lean Thinking and working environment to deliver substantial performance improvement. Think of Lean Transformation as Kaizen on steroids.

Using Toyota’s Production System as a blueprint, streamlining processes as well as the underlying organisation together with establishing strong Performance Management is the purpose of those projects. Changing Mindset and behaviour complements the approach.

Lean Transformation is a bit like organisational open-heart surgery – but with the patient still awake and functioning.   Improvements developed in the project team are piloted straight away in the line organisation and stepwise rolled out throughout the whole unit subject to the lean transformation.

A Line Manager is appointed to steer the implementation in the line organisation and balances change deployed and regular tasks managed by the line organisation.   We support line management with Senior Coaches who work with the project team as well as with all levels of the organisation to coach the mindset change, especially when Performance Dialogues are put into practice.

Lean Transformation requires clear and challenging improvement targets set by

senior management for the area being subject to improvement, strong Management involvement throughout the whole project, with the willingness to change traditional management styles and behaviours, and the openness to change management style and accept coaching – this can require help to get going but the rewards are worth the effort.

We will ensure consistent execution of the project and delivery of its outcomes by helping you set up a project team with sufficient staff, workstream-leaders and team members for each workstream assigned, and a project manager who is an expert in Lean tools and Lean thinking, Change Management and Coaching on Mindset Change