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Lean Six Sigma Training and Coaching

Our Lean Six Sigma training and coaching programs combine engaging classroom sessions with delivery of substantial business benefits through help with project selection, leadership engagement and project coaching.

Effective training requires clear, simple explanations of technical content with a delivery style that interests and motivates participants, stretching those that need to be challenged while building the confidence of those that take longer to understand.  Our ability to combine these skills has been developed over multiple training deliveries – with an average of more than 10 years’ training experience we have an unmatched track record.

We can provide training through both direct contracting with employers and through the UK levy-funded Apprenticeship Program, for which we are authorised to provide training at Levels 3, 4, 5 and 6 (roughly equivalent to Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt and Master Black Belt).  In addition, due to the length of our experience we are the only organisation authorised to provide End Point Assessments for all of these standards.

Although we are passionate about training, we encourage employers to see it as only a means to an end – Lean Six Sigma training rarely delivers any value if it is not coupled with project execution. The projects should deliver substantial business benefit – typically £500,000+ for a Green Belt group – and it is only through project execution that participants truly understand and learn the techniques and the mindset.

Industries Served

We have a particularly strong track record in consulting, training and project coaching in Financial Services, Discrete Manufacturing and Pharmaceuticals but are able to work both in technical and administrative areas in any industry.

Training Curricula

Generally speaking, Green Belt training lasts one to two weeks while Black Belt lasts three to four weeks. We customise our training to meet your needs – whether it be short introductory courses for management or team members, abbreviated Green Belt in Financial Services, technical Green Belt in manufacturing or the more advanced Black Belt and Master Black Belt courses. We have not published specifics of our curricula here because we do not want to limit the flexibility of our offering; we are happy to customise to meet client needs.


Project Coaching is an essential part of what we do.  As practitioners ourselves, responsible for delivering multiple projects of varying complexity, we understand the challenges and frustrations as well as the sense of accomplishment that comes from completing a project. We know the pitfalls and can guide your Belts to the most effective path for their projects, while encouraging them to think for themselves and experiment with their own ideas.

Leadership Support

The role of the Project Champion is key to achieving success and we provide experienced counsel to everyone involved in leading the deployment.  This can range from initial meetings to establish a clear strategy and purpose for the projects, to leadership workshops and advice for individual managers on the role they are to perform and the approach they should take.

Open Enrolment Training Programs

We offer pay-per-seat Lean Six Sigma training, based on our core Green Belt and Black Belt training curricula.  These courses are held in London on a regular basis.

Our upcoming courses are scheduled for:

Green Belt

Week 1 – wc 15 November 2021

Week 2 – wc 13 December 2021

Black Belt

Week 1 – wc 15 November 2021

Week 2 – wc 13 December 2021

Week 3 – wc 17 January 2022

Week 4 – wc 14 February 2022

Master Black Belt

Week 1 – wc 14 February 2022

Week 2 – wc 4 April 2022


Lean Six Sigma Green Belt – £4,000 per person, including coaching to help you to complete your Green Belt project

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt –  £6,000 per person, including coaching to help you to complete two Black Belt projects

Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt – £12,000 per person, including coaching to help you to complete deployment tasks for your portfolio of evidence

For more information and to enrol, please contact us