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Data Science Training

In their (understandable) haste to take advantage of the opportunities that Advanced Analytics brings, many companies have brought in consultancies to do the work for them – from building dashboards to predictive analytics to Robotic Process Automation.

Apart from the fact that outsourcing a key source of competitive advantage is not generally wise, this approach leaves a huge gap – if you are not involved in building the models yourselves, you will not understand them, your people will not develop their capability, and you will be indefinitely dependent on your consultants for the inevitable model updates and refinements.

While it is true that cutting-edge applications require degree-level expertise, most opportunities to use machine learning are far more straightforward and the techniques can be learned by numerate employees who are expert in your business, not data science.  When you put these tools into the hands of your own people, you have the vital combination of business understanding and data science capability that is the key to success.

We offer two paths to engaging your employees in Data Science:

  • How to Profit from Data Science covers all the skills needed to select, deliver and manage projects, including a wide range of key machine learning techniques using RapidMiner
  • RapidMiner and Data Science focuses on key data manipulation and predictive analytics techniques from RapidMiner

How to Profit from Data Science

This more comprehensive course has a modular design in which the first week is self-contained and suitable for both managers who wish to understand the opportunities and their role in bringing them to fruition, and staff members who will be tasked with running projects to deliver business results.  Weeks two and three then explore the techniques of machine learning in greater detail and cover a wide range of powerful techniques, as shown opposite.

These courses are offered through our relationship with SSA & Company – Contact us for more information

RapidMiner and Data Science

This four-day course gives you a fast start with the leading software platform for machine learning. You will not need to learn any coding because RapidMiner works through a series of configurable building-blocks rather than lines of code – which makes models easier to understand, more robust in use… and much, much easier and faster to create.

The course is available for any number of participants – contact us for further details.

The courses are also available as Open Enrolment courses, where you pay a fixed price per attendee.  These courses are held in London on a regular basis – please contact us for details of future events.


Project Coaching

For all our Data Science programs, we provide coaching to get you through the initial hurdles involved in defining your business goals, collecting and cleansing data, analysing data, building models, moving to deployment and more. We know when to encourage, when to guide and when to demonstrate the right approach to take.  We’ll help ensure that your program stays on track and delivers outstanding benefits to the business.